About Us
Agile, capable open source solutions
We can take the best of open source technology and the best of proprietory to create visionary, cost-effective solutions that really do deliver tangible improvements in your organisation, regardless of size or skill set. It’s all about right-sourcing.
Reasons to work with eSpida
  • Flexible IT resourcing whether it is routine or project-based
  • Can blend the best of open source and proprietary solutions
  • Involved in open source technologies from their inception
  • Strong partnerships with leading solution providers like Acronis, Redhat, IBM
  • We have a thriving, loyal customer base who will testify to our capability

eSpida is a thriving technical consultancy that blends open source and proprietary technologies to create solutions that deliver real return for our customers. With longstanding client relationships with many organisations around the world, eSpida offers existing technical teams additional support with conceptualisation, design, deployment and support of their IT infrastructure.

We work hand in hand with our clients, flexing to deliver the best technical advice and support as and how the client needs it. That may be in the form of ongoing maintenance around existing infrastructure where you are supplementing existing skills with niche resource or to expedite an issue that may be holding your business back. Likewise eSpida works with clients on new, strategy-critical projects, often delivering high-profile solutions with tight timescales.

Although technical at heart, our strength lies in our commercial understanding; it doesn’t matter how cutting-edge a solution is, if it doesn’t deliver against overarching strategic or commercial objectives it can quickly become the white elephant in an organisation.