• IBM is leading hardware vendor for open source enterprise
  • Benefit from a long-established partnership with IBM
  • Very competitive pricing on IBM technology
  • Demonstrable performance metrics
  • eSpida can suggest the optimum solution for your needs
Key Features
  • Supports mixed platform environments
  • High performance and high availability to offer a robust hardware solution
  • Designed to reduce cost and maximise efficiency
eSpida, as part of The Waterdale Group, holds the highest level of accreditation with IBM and has been a partner of choice for over 20 years. Whilst the eSpida team has significant experience of working with other hardware solutions in organisations, IBM represents the most robust, reliable high-performance kit available today. It has made, and continues to make, significant investment in Linux and is the backbone of all of our successful projects. Our long-established connection with IBM and its UK distribution network means we can offer an end to end solution at a competitive price allowing you to place the entire project in our hands.
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