• Benefit from a single, uniform platform for entire data protection needs
  • Ensures files & application databases are never lost
  • Recover entire servers quickly to the same or dissimilar hardware
  • Move servers between physical, virtual & cloud easily
  • eSpida holds highest level of accreditation
Key Features
  • Uniform platform for back up, DR & data protection
  • Available for Windows and Linux environments
  • Supports cloud backup, multi-hypervisors, flexible migration & more
  • Scalable to thousands of machines

Data security is now amongst the highest-priority objectives in most Boardrooms. With the explosion of virtualisation and cloud technologies, through to the diverse range of employee devices accessing your network, many companies are turning to eSpida to help them lower the associated risks. In doing so, eSpida turns to our best of breed data security partner, Acronis.

eSpida holds the highest level of accreditation with Acronis - the global leader in data protection solutions. Its enterprise-level products are ideal for organisations pursuing an open source or mixed-platform environment who want to create or develop their business continuity and disaster recovery policies.

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