IT Healthcheck
  • Identify issues BEFORE problems occur
  • Gives you a second opinion when you need it most
  • Lowers the risk associated with failing IT
  • Proactive management of your IT
  • Peace of mind when the pressure is on
  • Reduction in operating costs
Key Features
  • Asset registry & associated lifecycle tasks
  • Asset landscape review
  • Review of skills and level of support offered
  • Valuation of assets, OPEX charges
  • Report & presentation of findings
  • Recommendations for improvement

Technology moves at a fast pace. Even the most progressive business has to spend considerable time researching and reviewing its IT strategy. With business growth and ambition comes even greater pressure to deliver a highly available, flexible and reliable service to end users. They demand more and more; complexity and management costs start to spiral.

With greater demand and ever-developing needs, you may be experiencing some performance issues or unexpected downtime. There may also be the concern over security and loss of data which could result in significant exposure for your business. eSpida works with many organisations to understand where those risks lie and make suggestions on where you may need to make changes, where you can afford to be a little more relaxed or where deploying an open-source technology could deliver tangible results.

Our IT Healthcheck service is akin to an MOT for your infrastructure and networks. It is fast, efficient and can be as comprehensive and as far-ranging as you wish it to be. We have successfully offered this service to large organisations with a strong and developed IT strategy who simply want a sanity check against current performance benchmarks. Likewise, some companies have asked us to perform an IT Healthcheck due to aging infrastructure and underlying, recurrent issues that they are experiencing; often using this service as a catalyst for change. Either way you will benefit from our proven methodology for reviewing and anaylsing IT infrastructure to give you a much clearer idea on the state of its health.

Prevention really is better than cure in most cases, and by proactively tackling your concerns, you will be lowering the risk posed to your business.