Knowledge transfer
  • Work with you to ensure you maximise the skills you have
  • Valuable insight into how other organisations are using technology
  • Build confidence across the support and operational mangement of your infrastructure
  • Dedicated support of your projects
Key Features
  • Redhat, Acronis and Watchguard training available
  • Tailored training programmes to match your skills
  • Transfer of knowledge over the life cycle of a project

eSpida has successfully worked with a number of organisations looking to increase productivity amongst its workforce through more effective use of technology. This could be through a dedicated training programme based upon a defined piece of opensource software, or a best practice initiative designed to give a broader view on how to approach the utilisation of your IT.

We are able to provide you with an 'out of the box' training programme around our open source solutions, or create a more personal plan based on the skill set of the people you have. However, the area that our clients value the most from eSpida is knowledge transfer.

Knowledge transfer is about empowering your staff and giving them the confidence to think beyond what they know. The eSpida team live and breathe technology, having the benefit of working with many different platforms in many different organisations. This depth and breadth of experience is a very valuable tool for an organisation looking to innovate and think beyond what they already have in place.