An IT service lifecycle defines the management of IT consultancy, software, hardware, and maintenance over the entire lifetime of  business systems, from inception, project planning and the design and delivery of the IT system, to its ongoing operation and support.

Lifecycle management systems help businesses to cope with the complexities of new product development in competitive markets and unites people, data, business processes and business systems to architect a central pillar of information.

For many organisations, Asset Custodianship and IT Service Lifecycle Management are two commonly overlooked areas. By adopting an asset custodian and correct lifecycle management principles, organisations can invest proactively rather than reactively, whilst ensuring the asset quality is in line with the business needs and ultimately improve the quality of IT services.

  • Make informed purchasing decisions

    When investing in complex IT solutions, cost vs. benefit analysis can be used as a benchmark to select the preferred option.  However, this can lead to compromises. Assigning an asset custodian from the outset will ensure the investment meets business requirements and is fit for purpose.

  • Get your purchase right – first time, every time

    Cost is a significant factor in any purchase. However, when cost becomes the primary factor of the decision making process it is often to the detriment of the solutions’ value and benefit. By conducting a thorough audit, existing business issues and their likely causes can be identified and from here objectives can be set.

  • Align asset quality with business needs

    All assets need to compliment an overall strategy to allow the business to evolve, react and grow. While this may seem an obvious goal, without pre-defined processes it will remain an ambition.

  • How can eSpida help?

    eSpida consultants are experienced and able to advise on how to get the best advice and best value at all times, ensuring that the final business solution is not compromised. Through fact-finding sessions and an in-depth audit, the eSpida team is ideally placed to ensure your business invests proactively rather than reactively and accurately meets your business needs.


“eSpida understood the commercial parameters of our project and made its recommendations based on what we needed and not what it wanted to sell us.”

Antoine BoatwrightChief Technical Officer for Hillgate Travel

“eSpida’s expertise and experience in implementing new technologies across multiple sites ensures changes are made fast, at a lower cost and with minimal business risk.”

Alec WillisManaging Director for Defacto Solutions

“eSpida understands our systems very well and they understand the business very well too. They are genuinely interested in how we are getting along and how things are performing.”

Geoff SmithHead of IT for The Works
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