Organisations both large and small are beginning to assess the feasibility of hosting, be it their entire IT infrastructure, part of their infrastructure or simply adding certain applications to the cloud for convenience.

Cloud computing offers many benefits, from greater scalability to better business availability.

As a highly experienced cloud computing specialist, eSpida has seen many businesses move their infrastructure to the cloud. To help your business maximize the potential of cloud computing, eSpida delivers a range of capabilities tailored to your requirements.

  • Planning for cloud

    A full analysis of  application and infrastructure requirements is essential to determine the organisation’s suitability for cloud computing and to confirm it is fit for purpose.

  • Assessing suitability for cloud

    From data captured during the PoC, consultants will advise on the suitability of cloud; if  the existing applications are right for virtualization and which cloud platform best suits the business needs and budget.

  • How can eSpida help?

    eSpida is a cloud computing specialist which offers a readiness assessment service which provides all of the advice and recommendations required to determine the feasibility of moving to the cloud.

    If you have an existing cloud platform and simply want to switch, we can design a full dis-engagement process and deliver a migration path tailored to your specific business requirements as part of our end-to-end migration service.


“eSpida’s philosophy is to solve customer problems irrespective of size – giving Defacto access to the skills, expertise and experience that will be key to supporting a changing and increasingly international business.”

Alec WillisManaging Director for Defacto Solutions

“eSpida understands our systems very well and they understand the business very well too. They are genuinely interested in how we are getting along and how things are performing.”

Geoff SmithHead of IT for

“Over the last few years, Palletways has built up an excellent working relationship with eSpida. The company understands our business model and has proved its ability to support a 24x7x365 operation.”

Thomas OlssonGroup IT Director for Palletways
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