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Forcepoint delivers integrated Web, email and data security solutions powered by real-time intelligence. Driven by an understanding of human behaviour and intent, Forcepoint solutions help organisations solve critical security issues to protect employees, business data and IP.


  • Offers visibility into computer users’ early activity, aiding the prevention of data theft and loss by detecting suspicious activity.

  • Forcepoint DLP is instrumental for organisations with regulatory and industry compliance obligations, including GDPR.

  • Forcepoint UEBA gives a holistic view of nuanced human activity, patterns and trends that comprise human risk.


  • Delivers the industry’s most trusted and robust cloud security from the highest performing and certified data centres.

  • Forcepoint’s Cloud platform is built on a fully fault tolerant, extensively interconnected global datacentre footprint.

  • Securely and efficiently extends organisations’ infrastructure.


  • NGFW appliances offer consistent capabilities and management everywhere – at the edge, in data centres, in branches and in the cloud.

  • Deploy and manage thousands of firewalls, IPSs, VPNs and SD-WANs in minutes, all from a single console.

  • All Forcepoint NGFW appliances run unified Forcepoint NGFW software, providing consistent capabilities, high performance and centralised management.


eSpida has a wide understanding of the security threats businesses are prone to every day.  As a certified and accredited Forcepoint partner we are highly respected in the market space and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Forcepoint product portfolio.

As a trusted Forcepoint partner, the knowledge and experience held by eSpida can assist you in selecting the most appropriate products to help keep your business safe and secure.

Having been recently acquired by Raytheon UK, Forcepoint is recognised as a highly significant contributor to the cyber security solution sector.  eSpida is proud to be in a position to offer clients robust and highly trusted Forcepoint solutions.



“Following eSpida’s advice we have reduced the management time on our web site, transformed the way data is backed-up and secured and facilitated ever more flexible and collaborative working”

Alec WillisManaging Director for Defacto Solutions
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