Many complex IT projects often include open source technology and open standards. These tried and tested applications are used by businesses around the globe, including a significant number of the FTSE 500 top businesses, who recognise the substantial advantages that can be gleaned from using this type of low cost or free software.

Without compromise these applications can introduce fresh thinking over the standard, more traditional software that can often prove costly and restrictive.  When delivering an IT project, incorporating open source technology can make the difference in delivering a perfect solution over merely a good solution.

  • Areas of open source development

    Development is a broad term, covering a multitude of business needs including open source web portal development, mobile applications, database migration and document management.

  • Why Use Open Source Technology?

    Open source software widely adopts open standards and therefore has greater interoperability with other businesses, computers and users than alternative proprietary software.

  • Traditional licensing vs open source

    Software vendors that license their products based on the hardware, number of instances and/or users, generally have higher software license costs. Implementing open source alternatives can reduce overall project costs.

  • How can eSpida help?

    eSpida specialises in best of breed open source technology which can either be delivered off the shelf or adapted and developed further to support your individual business requirements.


“eSpida understands our systems very well and they understand the business very well too. They are genuinely interested in how we are getting along and how things are performing.”

Geoff SmithHead of IT for

“eSpida is a trusted, strategic business partner to Hillgate; the team is innovative and strategic but incredibly easy to work with. Our engagement has been honest, thorough and has really opened our eyes to new ideas.”

Antoine BoatwrightChief Technical Officer for Hillgate Travel

“eSpida’s expertise and experience in implementing new technologies across multiple sites ensures changes are made fast, at a lower cost and with minimal business risk.”

Alec WillisManaging Director for Defacto Solutions

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