Data Loss Prevention

As data security presents businesses with an endless challenge, security teams take the seemingly logical approach to data: find it, catalogue it and control it. However, this traditional approach to data loss prevention is no longer wholly effective. Why? Because it ignores the biggest variable in data security – your people.


Instead of focusing solely on data, security should begin and end with people. The key is to gain visibility into user interactions with data and applications. Once this is achieved, you can apply a level of control based on the specific user’s risk and the sensitivity or value of the data.


Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides security focused on people’s interaction with data within creation, storage, email, webmail, personal devices and cloud applications.

 DLP recognises your people as the front line of today’s cyber threats and applies the most advanced detection and control of potential data loss.


– Fingerprinting of structured and unstructured data

– Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

– Machine learning

– Robust identification for Personally Identifiable Information (PII)


– Custom encryption identification

– Cumulative analysis

– Integration with Microsoft Azure Information Protection

Many security solutions offer some form of integrated data loss prevention.  However, traditional approaches to DLP can overload users with unwanted complexity, excessive costs and produce false positives whilst missing “at risk” data.

Standalone DLP solutions simply apply advanced analytics and unified data policies wherever people create and interact with data – across endpoints, networks and cloud apps, to ensure visibility everywhere your people work and control everywhere your data resides.


Falling victim to a data breach can have devastating consequences for businesses.

eSpida’s security specialists can conduct a review of your systems to assess your current security set up and identify any possible vulnerabilities.

Should you be fortunate enough to already have an appropriate security plan in place, you will have peace of mind that it has been checked by a certified security practitioner.  As such no further action will be required.

Should we identify areas of exposure, we can advise on the best course of action and you can decide how to proceed.

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