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Rightsourcing: what is it and why do you need it?

Ok, so I made that up.  It doesn’t feature in the dictionary just yet, but my prediction is it’s only a matter of time. What is rightsourcing? In brief, rightsourcing is the process of deciding what it is you want and what your business actually needs. The analysis and decision process could focus on cost, […]

eSpida supports technical apprenticeship scheme

The recruitment of talented and ambitious individuals is paramount to The Waterdale Group.  As such the group continues to support the Technical Apprenticeship Scheme to map out the company’s future. Apprentices are aged 16 or over and combine work with studying to a structured programme in order to gain skills and knowledge in a specific […]

What’s the next big thing in Cyber Security?

Twenty years ago, security in IT broadly only consisted of firewalls, antivirus, passwords and development patches. Hackers and data thieves soon found ways of attacking these simple devices to gain access to sensitive organisational data. As a result, security providers and vendors have invested in the development and production of more advanced technologies in order […]

Data security: Two factor authentication

In today’s technological world, media reports of website hacks are becoming more and more prevalent. Furthermore, with human error reportedly accounting for almost two-thirds (62%) of data breach incidents, personal details are frequently being compromised. Nowadays passwords alone, even those considered complex, are no longer satisfactory to keep the hackers at bay. A scary thought […]

Hillgate Travel opts to work with eSpida

London-based Hillgate Travel, has opted to work with Technical Consultancy, eSpida, to design, architect and deliver a highly available, scalable and secure technical platform, to support the organisation’s double digit growth. Hillgate Travel is the largest privately owned travel management company offering a global, full service portfolio from passport and visa management, through to group […]