As IT has evolved, the security threats have increased exponentially year on year.  So much so that businesses often struggle to keep up.  Since every organisation is different, so too will be their IT security policies. Businesses must be adaptable to change in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Having the ability to call on IT security experts to advise on this crucial area of the business is sometimes not given the credibility it warrants. Dedicated IT security specialists have the experience and product knowledge to recommend the security solutions that best service individual organisations and their particular requirements.

Conducting regular external audits to highlight any vulnerabilities should be addressed within the overall strategic plan for business.

  • Employee Buy In

    Alongside investing in cyber security technology and processes, businesses must also educate employees in what they can do to assist with the protection of corporate data.

  • The importance of corporate responsibility

    If outsourcing file and data management, companies must take the lead. Are you aware that corporate data protection is your responsibility?

  • How can eSpida help?

    eSpida’s security experts can advise on security best practice and recommend solutions such as data encryption software and two factor authentication applications to mitigate the risk of cyber threats and security breaches within your business.


“eSpida’s consultancy team has an unprecedented depth and breadth of expertise; and their experience in web development and infrastructure has created a complete solution that is business critical for Palletways.”

Thomas OlssonGroup IT Director for Palletways

“eSpida is really going to be around with us for a long time.  There is no reason for us to want to change that.”

Geoff SmithHead of IT for

“Following eSpida’s advice we have reduced the management time on our web site, transformed the way data is backed-up and secured and facilitated ever more flexible and collaborative working”

Alec WillisManaging Director for Defacto Solutions