Flexible working via cloud at IT consultancy

Aside from the obvious benefits of cloud computing; cost savings; improved uptime; and the advantage of operating on the latest infrastructure platforms, as winter rears its ugly head one key benefit shifts to the forefront of the list – flexible working.

A cloud system is always available.

Snowy days and icy conditions can cause havoc on our roads and understandably many employees are unable to make it into their place of work.  An issue which can severely affect business activity.

If employees are unable to get in to the office their job function cannot be fulfilled, which for you could cause serious business disruption.

In this situation the ability to access business information from anywhere, at any time is essential. Cloud computing makes it possible for employees to work outside of the office and helps maintain “business as usual”.

By putting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place, even employees who are usually office based can be set up to work remotely. Many households will own a device of some description and so employees can work from their own device such as home desktop PC’s, laptops and tablets.  They simply require setting up in advance.

Cloud computing limits the impact of shutting down on a snowy day.  However it is not just the cruel winter that makes it worthwhile.

As and when required the system can scale proportionately with your business, so for example if you are a seasonal business and perhaps take on extra staff during the summer months you can simply add users and remove them when they are no longer required.  You purely pay for the users you require and once they are no longer required, you no longer need pay for them.

Despite its increasing popularity, cloud can still be a scary unknown for those with a limited understanding of the service.

In brief, the benefits of cloud include:

  • Offers value for money
  • Ready for any business
  • Makes your business truly mobile
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Scales to grow with your needs
  • Works with your existing IT
  • Highly secure

When working from the office is not an option, be it due to weather conditions, road closures, power outage or natural disaster, the cloud is invaluable to ensure business operates as closely to normal as possible.

The disruption a large number of businesses experienced during the UK’s most recent adverse weather conditions is merely a reminder of how viable cloud computing is for so many businesses.

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IT consultancy business meeting

Ok, so I made that up.  It doesn’t feature in the dictionary just yet, but my prediction is it’s only a matter of time.

What is rightsourcing?

In brief, rightsourcing is the process of deciding what it is you want and what your business actually needs.

The analysis and decision process could focus on cost, practicality, competences or timeliness, enabling a business to select the most appropriate sourcing arrangement to fulfil a project.

Questions to ask during the decision-making process

Firstly, analyse your internal team:

  • How efficient is the team in each job function?
    • What skills gaps are there across the in-house team?
  • Is there anything the in-house team could be doing that is currently outsourced?
    • Applying the skills matrix to the existing projects to ensure compatibility.
  • Likewise, is there anything the in-house team is currently doing that could be more efficiently fulfilled if outsourced?
    • Recognising any skills gaps for existing and new projects.

Secondly, analyse your contractors:

  • Do you have a good relationship with your contractors; do you have a good level of trust; do you have confidence in their abilities?
    • Experience across multiple vendors is a good start.
  • Do your contractors show a true interest in the success of your business?
    • Understanding the entire over-arching view of the business then where IT is delivered to add true value to the business.
  • Can you rely on them to recommend the most appropriate products and services?
    • Remaining fully aware of new relevant technologies and applying the best value and best advice at all times.

Through this type of analysis every project can be explicitly planned and undertaken, either internally (insourced), via contractors (outsourced) or through a combination of both.

The benefit of consultants

With their heightened expertise, consultants often recognise issues from a different perspective.  This fresh thinking, coupled with the knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies, can offer organisations cutting edge technologies delivering effective solutions to problems that may never have been noticed and considered – and commonly at a much lower cost.

A good outsourced supplier will act as an extension of your workforce: understanding your business requirements and objectives whilst working alongside you and your internal team to deliver the best level of service possible adding value at every stage of the process.

Final thoughts

In summary, rightsourcing selects the right people for the right job, to deliver the best service at the best price.

By tailoring personnel, be it internal or external, to the right processes, businesses’ can accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively and enhance the overall business.

When you plan your next project, consider the options. Rightsource. It’s that simple.

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