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4 key components of a SASE model

Gartner defined the 3rd generation of network architecture: Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Here are the 4 key components of a SASE model: SASE Cloud: the SASE cloud is a globally distributed cloud service built for all traffic and security requirements and from all edges – physical, mobile and cloud. It’s a single entity and […]

Network management: facing the next challenge

“If it is not broken, don’t fix it” applies to a lot of things, but unfortunately, not to IT networks and security in the age of digital transformation. Your network is bound to face new challenges. In today’s business climate, standing still is the kiss of death. IT departments must be prepared to change and […]

Coronavirus – Business Continuity Policy

Due to the rapidly developing national and international situation around COVID-19, Waterdale, including CPiO Limited and eSpida Limited, has been updating its business continuity policy in line with the changing advice coming from the UK Government and Public Health England. Waterdale is committed to the service of our customers whilst balancing the safety of ALL […]

What is a boot storm and why does one occur?

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) boot storm is the loss of service that ensues a simultaneous start-up and shutdown of a large number of virtual desktops, which overwhelms the network with data requests and typically creates a “storm” that cripples legacy system storage. A typical office working day sees employees logging on to the system […]

Protecting yourself in 2018’s IT landscape

The May 2017 ransomware attack on the NHS crippled 47 trusts across England and Scotland. At least 6,900 appointments were cancelled and seven A&E departments were forced to turn ambulances away. This demonstrates the significant damage that cyber-attacks can cause. Here, Nigel Crockford, business development manager of IT consultancy eSpida, discusses what businesses must consider […]

The multinational impact of GDPR

Many businesses are yet to understand the sheer scale and breadth of changes their company data processing policies will need to undergo to comply with the general data protection regulation (GDPR). Here, Nigel Crockford, Business Development Manager at IT consultancy eSpida, explains how the regulation will impact multinational businesses — and how they must prepare […]