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“If it is not broken, don’t fix it” applies to a lot of things, but unfortunately, not to IT networks and security in the age of digital transformation.

Your network is bound to face new challenges. In today’s business climate, standing still is the kiss of death. IT departments must be prepared to change and change quickly to the demands being placed on it.

Even if an earthquake doesn’t strike, COVID-19 doesn’t resurge, or there isn’t some other major disaster driving the change, remaining competitive is keeping business leaders awake at night. The pace at which our commercial landscape is evolving is eye-watering. Driven by the proliferation of cloud-native applications, the continued hybrid workforce and the ongoing demands of BYOD, the IT team needs better control over ‘shadow IT’. With tighter budgets and skill shortages, complex network architecture, expensive connectivity and increased malware actors, the typical IT team is becoming too reactive and blind spots appear.

Today best practice calls for a unified management approach that can cater for the performance demands of cloud applications and varying access parameters such as location or device type. SASE delivers just such best practice.

By taking the very easy steps to implement a phased approach to introducing SASE to your IT department you can re-take control of your entire network of locations from your HQ to the home office. Secure, available, guaranteed performance regardless of location or device type.